All of this is, of course, not unique to South Africa


It is more than 5 months and what a journey we have had over that time! In March none of us could have imagined the experience and the changes to our lives that have resulted!  

But here we are in "lockdown level 2" having negotiated our way through months of unprecedented restrictions, some of which have been difficult to rationalize, let alone understand!

On reflection, in a bizarre sort of way, I have found the challenges and opportunities invigorating. Most of us don't react well to change and, when given a choice, we would rather retain the status quo. The past few months have forced change on us – to coin a phrase from PW Botha in 1985 - "adapt or die"!

Many individuals and companies have not been able to adapt and the tragic effect on some of our industries, with the resultant job losses, has been devastating! Who would have foreseen the demise of the Hospitality Industry, the Travel Industry, Tourism, etc., all significant players in our day to day lives up until 5 months ago! The loss of duty – i.e. Tax Revenue – from the sales of alcohol and tobacco. The ill-advised attitude towards the growth of e-commerce (thank goodness we saw a revision to this thinking quite early on!) etc. etc. As we adapt to the "new normal" many of these will bounce back – but to what extent? We are social beings and we can already see the increased customers in restaurants, pubs, bars, etc. – the mask has become the latest fashion item! But the dangers of infection have not gone away and will remain until crowd immunity and/or a reliable vaccine have materialized.

All of this is, of course, not unique to South Africa but, what the developed countries are unlikely to appreciate is the significant effect of job losses, and the knock-on affects that result from the sole breadwinner no longer delivering the bread! COVID-19 on its own is bad enough but it has had devastating consequences for an already dire economic situation in our country!

But, going back to the invigoration – despite all the justifiable "gloom and doom" our Yellowfin business is looking really good! Our pipeline for new Customers and Partners has never been as buoyant and our "value" based approach is really beginning to reap positive results. We are really enjoying our closer association with so many of you and the feedback we are receiving is immensely gratifying. You can be assured that we will be engaging even more closely with you in the future so that we can help you maximize your investment and minimize your costs!

Thank you for your ongoing and enthusiastic support and please stay safe!! 

Thanks to COVID-19 everyone is a data interpreter
Message from the Sales Team

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