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Turbocharge your application with Contextual Embedded Analytics


During this webinar, we showcased more about your company's position on the maturity curve and readiness to embrace Contextual Embedded Analytics. Information and Data is the currency of the future, with the significance of data analytics embedded in your transactional applications increasingly important.

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How the pandemic gave us a taste for BI


It's a well-known fact that COVID-19 sped up the digitisation of work processes, to enable distance working. Now it seems the virus has hastened the adoption of business intelligence (BI) as well, say BI specialists AIGS Insights.

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Message from the CEO.


I had hoped to avoid any mention of COVID in this message but sadly, notwithstanding the devastation caused by the recent insurrection, which in turn was sparked by the shenanigans of our recalcitrant ex-President, the pandemic continues to dominate the news and our lives. 

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Intenda introduces Fraxses Insights with Embedded BI


Intenda has announced the launch of a new module which will be incorporated into its distributed data platform, Fraxses, during Q2 of 2021. The module, known as Fraxses Insights, will replace the platform's existing data visualization module, AnalyticZ. 

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Another ‘lockdown’ … but life goes on!


I recently read an interesting article on Pipedrive Blogs and wanted to share some of it, and my thoughts, with you. "What to do when a health crisis changes the way we work".

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What is contextual analytics?


Today, embedded analytics has made dashboards a core part of most enterprise applications. It's enabled users to explore the metrics they need from the use of your software. 

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Understanding our customer's business and their customer chain


 To truly understand the value we can, and need, to bring to our customers, we need to fully understand our customer's business and their customer chain.

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The customer value chain


Today, it is imperative for businesses to understand the customer value chain of each of their customers. 

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A changing world


Selling in today's IT and technology industry is very different from ten years ago! The world is 'smaller' and multiple platforms from websites through to social media has enabled ready access to a constant flow of information. One could therefore 'assume' that your prospective customer knows all about you!

But, do they really? 

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Forget Features and benefits – focus on your value to your customers' customers


Now more than ever, vendors must focus on delivering value. To do so, they simply cannot continue to push product features or even perceived customer benefits – instead they need to clearly communicate the value that their solutions deliver to their customers, their customers' customers, and even further down the customer chain.

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Yellowfin's Data Analytics Powers Growth & Scale for Digital Planet Customers


Gartner Magic Quadrant Visionary Enables Vital Self-Service Customer Portal, Delivers Critical Business Insights, Operational Efficiencies and Competitive Edge for South African Business

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Message from the Insights Team


As we head towards the end of the second month of 2021 during, at times, continuing uncertainty, let us remain committed to be the best we can be and to making things happen!

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Thanks to COVID-19 everyone is a data interpreter


One of the most interesting developments to come out of the current COVID-19 crisis is that people are looking at and interpreting data like never before.  

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All of this is, of course, not unique to South Africa


It is more than 5 months and what a journey we have had over that time! In March none of us could have imagined the experience and the changes to our lives that have resulted!  

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Message from the Sales Team


As normal, I wanted to begin with a motivational quote from a guru! However, to find one that would be relevant in these times of the 'new normal' was not an easy task, further complicated by the fact that I also really wanted it to touch on how and what the AIGS Insights team is doing in this space.

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I am a 'people person' and definitely missing my people...


So here we are 19 weeks later and wondering why we spent all those years in "rush hour" traffic twice a day in order to spend hours at an office – not to mention the time we wasted during the day travelling to meetings in other people's offices!  

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What to do now?


 And just when I thought I had settled into lockdown and the 'new normal' … an interrupted power supply that went on for days became the new challenge …

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MWare, a provider of end-to-end productivity solutions, has brought advanced operational insights to its ERP clients through the development and implementation of a top-pedigree business intelligence (BI) add-on. 

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Making a difference during COVID-19


I'm the first to admit that when the initial lockdown was announced I was keen to get into it and get it over with ...  

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Pretty normal for me...


Working from home for the last few years as I do, the last few months have been pretty 'normal' for me  

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