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OpenEdge Certified Training Has Arrived.


In recent months we have identified three distinct training areas that our industry would benefit from, namely:

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Eight ways in which infographics can boost user adoption in BI


They used to say a picture paints a thousand words. Now they just hand you a picture. Infographics have all but taken over the Internet, social media and marketing.

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Seven things your BI platform is missing


And why BI projects fail to deliver value

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Join us for the launch of Yellowfin 7.3


Successful analytics requires trust. Trust that your data and analysis is accurate and consistent so that the right people can make the best decisions. 

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The evolution of business intelligence in the workplace


“An automated system to spread information to different sections of an organisation.” – HP Luhn, 1950

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Just how seriously should you take digitisation?


Today’s business environment is constantly being disrupted by new market entrants using innovative technology.

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So, what is modernisation really?


Don't sweat digitisation, sweat assets.

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We are all citizen developers - oppose it or embrace it


“Citizen Developer – a user who creates new business applications for consumption by others using development and runtime environments sanctioned by corporate IT.” – Gartner

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Integrated data preparation


Data Preparation … the MOST vital capability for ensuring BI success.

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Advanced data visualisation

Screen_Shot_2017-01-23_at_3.24.21_PM AIGS - EasyBlog - Page 2

Ease of use is becoming more important than even powerful functionality (Gartner 2011)

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Infographics and beautiful dashboards

Screen_Shot_2017-01-17_at_12.39.56_PM AIGS - EasyBlog - Page 2

Boost BI user adoption with infographics and beautiful dashboards:

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The need for greater collaboration in BI

Screen_Shot_2016-12-14_at_10.11.57_AM AIGS - EasyBlog - Page 2

Collaboration leads to better, and more informed, decision making. However, these decisions often require access to supporting data.

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Ten trends set to shape the BI Landscape

Screen_Shot_2016-12-08_at_11.02.02_AM AIGS - EasyBlog - Page 2

It’s not the size of your data that counts … it’s how you use it!

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Progress has delivered Rollbase 4.4

Screen_Shot_2016-11-28_at_4.58.29_PM AIGS - EasyBlog - Page 2

Integration with Progress Corticon
This release realizes the vision of adaptive apps, bringing together the leading low-code rules engine and application platforms.

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Data Visualisation Best Practices Video

Screen_Shot_2016-11-03_at_12.23.38_PM AIGS - EasyBlog - Page 2

Unlock the value of your data and BI deployment!

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Integrated data preparation: The missing piece of the pervasive BI puzzle?

Screen_Shot_2016-10-31_at_11.15.12_AM AIGS - EasyBlog - Page 2

What’s the secret to success – in any pursuit?

Do champion footballers become champions because of the brightness of their shoes?

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Yellowfin debuts free connectors

Yellowfin_Connectors AIGS - EasyBlog - Page 2

Yellowfin debuts free connectors for social media, with many more to follow. If ‘content is king’, in the world of Business Intelligence (BI), data is even more so!

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A history of BI

YellowFin_Dashboard AIGS - EasyBlog - Page 2

If you think Business Intelligence (BI) is a new concept, think again. The term Business Intelligence was used for the first time in 1865 by Richard Miller Devens in his book Cyclopedia of Commercial and Business Anecdotes.

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The secret diary of BI

MacBook_DASHBOARD AIGS - EasyBlog - Page 2

Business Intelligence (BI) is all grown up. As BI has truly become a key business tool, it has evolved to accommodate the changing needs and increasingly fast pace of organisations today. Born from a reality of reactive decisions, BI has matured into a young adult capable of thinking ahead.

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Busting BI myths

Busting_BI_myths AIGS - EasyBlog - Page 2

Despite the fact that it’s become as important – and common – to organisations as accounting software, there are still a number of commonly held misconceptions about BI.

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