If it is to be, it is up to me ...


  So now we have it – it is now clearly our individual responsibility for limiting the spread of COVID-19.

And that is exactly the way it should be! The Government, together with the "experts" all over the world, have done all they can to communicate everything that is known about this virus and how to best protect ourselves. But it is up to us as individuals.

Sadly there are large pockets of our society where, however hard they try, social distancing is just not possible. However, no such excuse exists for not wearing a mask! None of us feels comfortable with a mask on – but we need to get used to it – for the time being it is part of the "new normal". Surely it is small price to pay to avoid being one of the growing statistic – and you can still "smile" with your eyes!

As time goes by there is more and more evidence of the inadequacies of the last 26 years of ANC rule, the lack of a decent Public transport service being the biggest. At least it would be possible to enforce the rules – like the airlines are doing. No such luck with the "law unto themselves" Taxi Industry.

On the brighter side – Restaurants are now open! Pity about the "no booze" rule – only once that is lifted will operating at a profit become a reality. 

Phrases most often used in meetings include...
It's goodbye from me then ...

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