The 5 most common mistakes when embedding analytics


 I've spent the past 20 years working in analytics. Over that time, the industry has come a long way, in both impact and awareness. Whilst for many years my family and friends described my job as "IT", today they know and understand what I do for a living (although I do still get calls to fix their internet).

 From every perspective, the analytics industry has come so far lately, as more organizations are surfacing the value in their data. At Yellowfin I've been fortunate to work with some phenomenal partners around the world, helping them embed analytics into their products. While there's been many great successes along the way, I've also seen plenty of mistakes (and made quite a few myself).

Embedding analytics isn't plug-and-play. It's all too easy to make mistakes that can be the difference between a successful launch and one that just doesn't deliver value to your customers. Here are the five most common mistakes that I see regularly.

The full post can be viewed on the Yellowfin Blog.

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